E l v e n   F o r e s t

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Welcome to the Elven Forest! Here you'll find my dedicated space to an absolute hodgepodge of interests. For years I've fought with countless blogs, sites, and social media accounts sculpted only to cater to one or a few of my hobbies. But I am a person of many loves, and I grew tired of curating so many different spaces. I simply wanted one site where I could bask in all of them without restraint.

As for me, well, I suppose you can call me Deid. I'm a demigirl in her 30s, a writer and artist, and have been floating around the internet since the old web days. I'm generally a very shy person, but I love making friends and sharing interests. I grew up with a mother passionate about books, art, and music, a father who worked with nature, and siblings who loved fantasy and video games. So it only stands to reason that I too came to love all of those, which are encompassed here alongside my other fondnesses, such as whimsigothic and Gothic Victorian.

The name "Deid" comes from an alternate spelling of the name "Deedlit", the elven character from Record of Lodoss War who is also featured in the image above. (Except it was written "Diedlit" and, well, I don't want to go by the spelling "Died".) Way back when, I would frequent MSN and Tokyopop chatrooms using the name Deedlit. She's always been a rather important character to me, and given the nature of this website and the host, it only seemed appropriate that I hearken back to that era.

This site is still a work in progress, and I have many plans for more pages to add. But I hope that you find something entertaining or that resonates with you during your visit to the Elven Forest!

If you need to reach me, you can do so through e-mail here. Please retain "Elven Forest" in the subject line.

Background image illustrated by the late Hiroo Isono. Homepage banner illustrated by Yutaka Izubuchi.