C o l o r   K i n g d o m

Color Kingdom (色彩王国, Shikisai Oukoku) was a series of three books released in 1997, 1998, and 1999 that detailed the coloring process of several well known Japanese artists and animators. I plan to scan these books in full and provide PDFs of all three volumes at a later date, after I can obtain another set purely for scanning purposes.

But with the passing of Mutsumi Inomata, I wanted to share the section of the second volume about her and her coloring process. She was one of my favorite artsits and inspired me greatly. My heart breaks whenever I think of how she is gone. But I want everyone to be able to enjoy seeing how she once created her beautiful artworks.

Download .zip Part 1 (49 MB)

Download .zip Part 2 (49 MB)

Download .zip Part 3 (44 MB)

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