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Last Updated: March 5, 2024

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A fairly comprehensive (but incomplete) list of books I've read. List is sorted alphabetically with a few exceptions. You can change the sort order by clicking on a column header, but the process takes a few seconds to complete. The table also takes into account the last sorted column, so you can use that to get alphabetical release order by clicking Title, then Release, for example. If you want to restore the original sort order, just refresh the page.

This page is a work in progress. I'll add more titles as I remember them.

Title Type Released Rating
Atelier Marie & Elie: Zarlburg Alchemists (Vol. 1-5)Manga2000★★★★
Attack on Titan (Vol. 1-34)Manga2009★★★★
Berserk (Vol. 1-41)Manga1989★★★★★
Claymore (Vol. 1-27)Manga2001★★★★★
Codename: Sailor V (Vol. 1-3)Manga1991★★★
Discworld #1: The Color of MagicNovel1983★★★
Discworld #2: The Light FantasticNovel1986★★★
Discworld #3: Equal RitesNovel1987★★★★
Discworld #4: MortNovel1987★★★★★
Discworld #11: Reaper ManNovel1991★★★★★
Discworld #16: Soul MusicNovel1994★★★
Discworld #20: HogfatherNovel1996★★★★★
Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn TwilightNovel1984★★★
El Hazard: The Magnificent World (Vol. 1-3)Manga1996★★★
Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy #1 - HomelandNovel1990★★★★
Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy #2 - ExileNovel1990★★★
Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy #3 - SojournNovel1991★★★★
Forgotten Realms: Starlight & Shadows #1 - Daughter of the DrowNovel1995★★★★
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneNovel1997★★★
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsNovel1998★★★
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanNovel1999★★★★
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastManga2005★★★★
Lunar: Vane Hikuusen MonogatariManga1996★★★★
Lunar: Younenki no OwariManga1994★★★★
Lunar 2: Eternal BlueManga1999★★★
Magic Knight Rayearth (Vol. 1-3)Manga1993★★★
Magic Knight Rayearth 2 (Vol. 1-3)Manga1995★★★★
Myst: The Book of AtrusNovel1995★★★★★
New Vampire's HandbookOther2009★★★
Pandora Hearts (Vol. 1-24)Manga2006★★★★★
Parasyte (Vol. 1-10)Manga1989★★★
Plastic LittleManga1994★★
Record of Lodoss War: The Grey WitchNovel1988★★★★
Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch (Vol. 1-3)Manga1994★★★
Record of Lodoss War: The Lady of Pharis (Vol. 1-2)Manga1994★★★★
Revolutionary Girl Utena (Vol. 1-5)Manga1996★★★★
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescence of UtenaManga1999★★★★★
Rune Soldier (Vol. 1-4)Manga1999★★★
Sailor Moon (Vol. 1-18)Manga1999★★★★★
Slayers #1Novel1990★★★★
Slayers #2: The Sorcerer of AtlasNovel1990★★★
Slayers #3: The Ghost of SairaagNovel1991★★★★
Slayers: Falces no SunadokeiManga2008
Slayers: Medieval MayhemManga1991★★★★
Slayers: Super-Explosive Demon Story (Vol. 1-8)Manga1995★★★★
Slayers PremiumManga2002★★
Slayers Special (Vol. 1-4)Manga2000★★★★
Sorcerer Hunters (Vol. 1-13)Manga1993★★★★
Stray Little Devil (Vol. 1-5)Manga2004★★★
Vampire Hunter DNovel1983★★★
Vampire Master: Dark Crimson (Vol. 1-3)Manga1999
Witch Hat Atelier (Vol. 1-11)Manga2016★★★★★

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