C o l l e c t i o n s

I have a weird history with collecting. During my teens, it was anything that really stood out to my personal tastes. But once I reached my twenties, I went a little too crazy and purchased anything I had a flicker of interest in. This was especially the case with video games. It wasn't until several years ago that I realized how it had grown out of hand. So I reevaluated all that I had, kept what tapped into those personal tastes again, and parted with what didn't.

Now, I want to showcase those things that reflect my personal tastes — what I love most. There isn't much here yet, but I'll absolutely add more over time.


Art Books
Time Life's 'The Enchanted World'

Game Series

♦ Final Fantasy — Coming Soon
♦ Lunar — Coming Soon
♦ Xenosaga — Coming Soon

Anime Series

♦ Record of Lodoss War — Coming Soon
♦ Slayers — Coming Soon

Background image illustrated by the late Hiroo Isono. Homepage banner illustrated by Yutaka Izubuchi.