C a s t l e v a n i a

Despite being mostly into RPGs, I've had a soft spot for the Castlevania series since I first played Super Castlevania IV in my early teens. I fell in love with the series' music, graphical styles, and connected storyline — simple though it may be. Ever since then, Castlevania has been one of my top favorite series. I don't have much outside of the games, but I'm proud of the collection nonetheless.

The whole collection. Well, most of it. I forgot about the N64 games, whoops. I am missing a couple that I wouldn't mind having, which are Dracula X on SNES and Rondo of Blood on PC Engine. But they're both too rich for my blood in this current market. Maybe someday!

Cart-based Classicvanias. I'm terrible at all of them.

Three versions of Symphony of the Night, plus Chronicles. (Can you tell that SOTN is my favorite?)

DS and GBA trilogies. I wish they'd kept making more in these styles. They were so good!

PS2 and PS3 titles. I've actually only played Curse of Darkness so far. I should really fix that...

Two compilations, plus Bloodstained. It's Castlevania in everything but name.

Big fancy box of Requiem, plus Dracula X Chronicles. Do I have enough ways to play SOTN or what...

Netflix animation BDs! I loved this adaptation so much.

GIANT Alucard statue by First4Figures, standing at 21 inches tall! I got super lucky on the price, otherwise I probably still wouldn't have it.

Aside from all these things, I also have Symphony of the Night digitally on PS3 (because of course I do), as well as Harmony of Despair digitally on both PS3 and Xbox 360. I've spent countless hours on that game with my friends.


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