T h e   E n c h a n t e d   W o r l d

The Enchanted Word was a 21-volume series of books released by Time Life from 1984-1987, which focused on fairytales, folklore, and mythology. My family had a few of them when I was a child, which I was utterly enamored with. I'd spend so long flipping through the pages, mostly enjoying the artwork. (Fairies and Elves and Water Spirits were my favorites, and I think that explains a lot about my fascinations now as an adult.) Years later and I've finally completed the set, which still includes a few of our originals!

All 21 volumes of The Enchanted World, in publication order.

Wizards and Witches | Dragons | Fairies and Elves | Ghosts

Legends of Valor | Night Creatures | Water Spirits | Magical Beasts

Dwarfs | Spells and Bindings | Giants and Ogres | Seekers and Saviors

Fabled Lands | The Book of Christmas | The Fall of Camelot | Magical Justice

The Lore of Love | The Book of Beginnings | Tales of Terror | The Secret Arts | Gods and Goddesses


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