F F X I V   S c r e e n s h o t s

I love Final Fantasy XIV and have been an active player since 2015. My screenshots folder is currently 15 GB and growing, so there's no way I'll ever post even a fraction of what all is in there. Especially not those weird periods where I went against my heart's desire and tried bring anything other than elezen. But I've at least taken a few nice screenshots of my character that I think would be nice to display here.

My character as of mid-2022. I usually play as a female elezen, but from time to time I'll swap to male for a bit. (Forever wishing gender was tied to the aesthetician and not a $10 potion...) I haven't taken any recent "fancy" screenshots, so below are some that are mostly from 2019 (pre-Shadowbringers?!) that will do for now.


Background image illustrated by the late Hiroo Isono. Homepage banner illustrated by Yutaka Izubuchi.