J o u r n a l

April 8, 2024

Current Music: Tir "Persepolis" album

Today is the day of the solar eclipse! And I should... hopefullyyy be able to see it? I was asked to go out on an errand around the time that it will be at its peak, so at least I'll be out and about. But hopefully actually outside at the time of its peak.

I had my birthday last month, which I had mixed feelings about this year. Not because of aging—I'm honestly loving my 30s. Rather, family has made a bigger scene out of celebrating it than necessary. It's been a couple of weeks now and we still haven't celebrated due to conflicting schedules, and I'm completely fine with that and at this point would rather they didn't worry about it. But... it's an issue, of course, and they're still trying to make it happen. It's exhausting. Let's just order delivery and call it a day.

A friend gifted me Lies of P for my birthday—a game I've been wanting since its release last September. I installed it immediately and started it the following day, and that game has just been my entire life since then. I finished it a few nights ago, tried to cry at the true ending (and failed, thanks anti-depressants *rolls eyes*), and started a New Game+ to work on the rest of the achievements and endings. Full disclosure that I am NOT good at soulslike games at all and don't have the patience for the challenge most of the time. But I love the lore and setting in all the ones I've played and don't want to be locked out of that because of my inability. So, yeah I've been cheating, but it's been fun for me because of that.

Is it weird to say that a puppet has my gender? Because a puppet has my gender. I don't know what to tell you other than P has my goddamn gender!! Like look at this guy!


I want to do nothing but talk about this game and its story and its characters and its lore, but I don't know anyone else. who has finished. this game!! So I'm just yelling inside a hamster ball that I'm rolling around the floor, propelled by all the excitement this game gives me.

All right. Anyway, happy Eclipse Day and I hope you can/were able to see it from wherever you're at! If I'm lucky, maybe the eclipse will turn me into a twink. It won't, but I can dream.


March 5, 2024

It's been a little while since I last updated. My time with my partner (now spouse) in September was awesome! We scoped out areas to move in together and it made me feel optimistic for the future. It's been hard to be optimistic lately, what with so much going on, well, globally. But I have to keep focused on what I want from the future, or I'll unravel and lose all motivation. And frankly, I don't have the patience for going through that a second time.

Anyway, I've been busy the last couple of months with not just writing projects, but with getting my feet wet with music... and wetting my feet again with art. I recently made some adjustments at my desk for using both my new tabletop easel and my digital art tablet. I battled getting back into writing for years and finally found purchase with that. I guess now it's time to do the same for art! Music I never got enough going with before, so that'll be a whole 'nother battle. But it's been on my mine for decades, so I shouldn't keep ignoring it.

Well, right now I'm looking forward to spring. This time I hope to overcome my anxieties enough to actually go out more often. The nature areas around here are really nice, and I think it'd be great to enjoy them while catching up on reading. I'm still bummed out that I wasn't able to read a book a month last year, so maybe I can pull that off this year? Not to mention that we so quickly go from "too cold" to "too hot" around here. Gotta enjoy that good weather while I can.

And then there's this site! I put so much work into it and just haven't gotten around to adding anything else. But I've been jotting down ideas and sorting things out, so hopefully I'll have more to add soon.


September 4, 2023

I certainly haven't been updating this site as much as I'd like, but it's always on my mind. After all, I'm proud of how the little project all came together. It's just been a rough year, for reasons I don't particularly wish to get into at this time. So I'll just put together a small list of nice things coming up that I'm looking forward to.

  • Visiting my partner of almost seven years, to celebrate our anniversary and also have our wedding!
  • Nearly finished with the 4th (of 5) Lord of the Rings Conqueror challenge this year. 75 miles to go!
  • Autumn is nearly here. That alone is worth getting excited for.
  • Finally got my ears pierced, and I'm looking forward to wearing all sorts of earrings once I'm healed up.
  • Spending a few hours with an old friend of mine this Friday, of whom I haven't seen in months.
  • Having some days together with my sister to just relax and have fun. We need them, after this year's chaos!
  • The local library's annual book sale. Maybe I should bring a tote bag this time.
  • Ordered the last three Enchanted World books I was missing. Decades later, I'll finally have the full set I always wanted!
  • I'm sure there's more, but even this little list is enough to lift my spirits.


    June 5, 2023

    Finally, I sat down and dedicated time to creating a website where I can share any and all of my interests without fretting about crossing any that are completely unrelated. I have countless ideas for what else I'd like to add, but I'll pace myself so I don't fixate on it for a month or more!

    It really is so nice, though — to have a personal website again. Something that I myself built from the ground up (with some assistance for the trickier coding) and molded into what best reflects me. Although it was tough deciding between a nature/elves theme and something Gothic/vampire-y. Oh well, maybe some future pages I make will be better suited to that. We'll see!

    This will also suit as a nice little side project to update whenever I have the time. No need to feel like I must update every week, or even every month. Knowing how I am though, I'm sure the hardest part will be remembering to update this journal, as I'm horrible with doing so in any iteration.

    Background image illustrated by the late Hiroo Isono. Homepage banner illustrated by Yutaka Izubuchi.